Manage money with Aurora

Aurora is a personal finance solution for budget planning, accounting, and money management. This App is based on the best practices of financial management and designed to provide business intelligence.

Budget Planner

Aurora continues good traditions of using spreadsheets for budget planning and introduces mobile budget templates (monthly and weekly). Using them, you can plan financials with trends and seasonality:

  1. Select category, year, and master row type. Month and week types are for your choice.
  2. Plan financials using a budget template.
  3. Copy, Paste, Erase functions are available to both master and detail rows.

Expense tracking

Keep track of financial operations is a daily routine, and Aurora makes this process as much simple as possible. There are only Amount and Category required to be specified by you. Today date is set by default and Description is optional.

Chips display recently used categories, and they are very useful.

All operations you have entered can be easily accessed and modified at the Operations page.

Financial Analytics

Analytical Dashboard is one of the strong suits of Aurora. It consists of four sections, each of which has a set of functions:

  • The filter section allows to choose a Date range and Categories for analysis. 
  • The waterfall chart provides visualizations of Plans, Actuals, and Variances, and allows to switch between them by chips.
  • The table gives a detailed view and serves as a profit and loss statement. Besides, it implements the dataset selector function for the linear chart below.  
  • The linear chart serves as a visualization of Cash Flow or dynamic for any row of the table above.

Create categories and aggregates

Revenue and Expense are the main types of categories used in most cases.

Capital type provides advanced functionality for balance sheet management.

Aggregate type helps organize the structure.

Export data and backup database

The service of export allows you to make a complex query to the database and get the data in a CSV format.

Having a copy of the database in a safe place would be helpful as well in the event of a need to restore it.